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About us

Founded in 1995, Noel Conn Chartered Accountants was established to help individuals and businesses meet their growing financial needs and demands. Noel Conn became a fellow of Chartered Accountants of Ireland, having trained with what was then Coopers & Lybrand (Now PwC) from 1980, before branching out into his own firm in 1995. His approach to building long-term professional relationships has aided the expansion of the business and with that has come a talented team of accounting professionals who share his commitment and loyalty to customers.
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Our Mission

To offer the best advice on tax and accounting matters.

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Our Vision

To be the best accounting practice in our area providing a high level of service and tax advise in a cost effective and timely manner to help our clients develop a profitable future.

Noel Conn and Company Careers

Our Expertise

Our experience across Tax planning, VAT, Accounts and Auditing, Payroll, Pensions and PAYE ensures we have the necessary range of skills and knowledge to cater for all the needs of your business. We’re here to solve even the most complex problems and help your business run more effectively and efficiently.

Noel Conn and Company Careers